12 of the Most Misused English Words Infographic

12 of the Most Misused English Words Infographic

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With a countless number of words in the English language, it’s not hard or uncommon for us to mix some of them up. In fact, definitions of words have been mixed up and entirely new words have been made up as a result. You could be living right now thinking you know a word’s definition when in reality you have it all wrong. This could affect your life in the professional world; if you’re so used to saying the most misused English words in your everyday life with friends and family members, and then either speak it or write it down in your job, it can affect the way people look at you.

Whether it’s an incorrect spelling, incorrect grammatical usage, incorrect definition, taken out of context, or an entirely new word all together, words in the English language have been mixed up. In this infograph, we will outline twelve of the most misused words in the English language. These are the most common words whose misuse causes protests among editors, writers, and other pros of the English language. While some of these words are used correctly in English, other times they can be taken drastically out of context, are spelled incorrectly, or are confused with other words.

For example, you may be criticized for using a word incorrectly, only to look it up in the English dictionary to see that the word and definition are both there. Again, it could have been misused in a different manner, such as taken out of context, mixed up with another word, incorrect grammar, etc. Until, or if, these misused words gain acceptance in our society and in the English language, they will have to be considered misused up until that point. With that said, here is a great infograph that look at the twelve most misused English words.

Most Misused English Words

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